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SP Page Builder Update to 2.x crashes SiteLayout for Pagebuilder Content

  • Hi there,

    i tried to update my rhythm theme. but when i update the sp pagebuilder from 1.x to 2.x the sitelayout of the component area is completely empty.

    i found out when i open a single pagebuilder site in the backend after this update and just click the save button the sitelayout appaers again on the frontend. but when i do so the page builder items are in full width instead of in the normal bootstrap grid.

    is there a way to fix this and use sp pb 2.x or do i have to go with the 1.x version ?

    Greetings Levin

    @All, any update here? I’ve encountered the same. Rhythm 1.0.3 not working with Page Bilder 2.x! Do I have to downgrade?
    Regards, Matthias

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    I think, this website didn’t support anythink. I bought the theme Rhythm last few days.NO Answer 🙁

    we will see. would be great to hear if there is any solution to use version two of the pagebuilder.

    Started the topic on january. Two month gone and no answer for now. 🙁

    Would be great to hear something from the author before the support expired i payd for..

    still no answer? 🙁

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