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Template Make and Page Builder crash frontend

  • Error frontend
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()……
    See issue on all pages
    Template Make
    Php 5.6
    T3 Framework
    Joomla 3.8.
    Tried to update Page Builder
    updated all extentions
    Tried using different Template then ok
    Can not update template since not availble anymore
    Help would be appreachiated.

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    I found the solution, actually Gabe-Liberator had the answer in an earlier post.

    “On the admin site, do a hard refresh to see the new layout. and then go on the directory of your site to templates/NAME OF TEMPLATE/html and the folder named com_sppagebuilder rename it to something else, then go to the front end and refresh.

    It worked just great.

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